Sustainability Planning

Enhancing your triple bottom line

Whether you are an established business looking to increase your “triple bottom line” or a homeowner wanting to go green, Nordman Sustainability Solutions can help you achieve your sustainability goals. We have extensive experience in the economic, social, and environmental aspects of strategic sustainability planning.


Strategic sustainability planning

Nordman Sustainability Solutions works closely with a network of engineers, sustainable finance experts, and scientists from various disciplines to ensure your sustainability projects are completed with the highest quality. Strategic thinking lies at the heart of every sustainability plan.

Environmental and Resource Economics

Ecosystems provide life-supporting services, including the pollination of fruit crops, providing clea

n drinking water, and the pleasure of a scenic view. The value of these services – often called “ecosystem services” – is often neglected in superficial economic assessments. Nordman Sustainability Solutions uses well-known and established valuation techniques to estimate the value of these ecosystem services.

Economic development modeling

What kind of economic impact can a renewable energy project have on a community? Nordman Sustainability Solutions uses economic development models to estimate the direct and indirect benefits that renewable energy projects, including wind, biomass and solar, can have on the local economy.

Spotlight: Wind powered charging stations at the Chadwick International School, Songdo, South Korea

Gary Donohue, technology instructor at the Chadwick International School in Songdo, South Korea, had an idea. The school is founded on a strong sustainability ethic, and Gary wanted to find a sustainable way to power the students’ laptops and cell phones. Gary contacted Erik Nordman, Ph.D. at Nordman Sustainability Solutions for advice. Using web-based collaborative tools to bridge an ocean (and many time zones), Nordman and D

onohue were able to work together to find a small-scale wind turbine that would meet the students’ sustainable energy needs in a cost effective manner.