Interview, pictures, and meeting a GVSU alumna in Nairobi

Erik and GVSU alumna Katie Hekstra at Nairobi National Park (with some random kids)

It’s been a busy time these last few months, trying to wrap up projects before we leave in July. It’s hard to believe we’ll be back in Michigan in 3 weeks. Here are a few things we’ve been up to.

I was interviewed for a blog called Away From Africa. The blog is written by my dad’s colleague at the NYC Housing Authority, Diane Chehab. She lived in West Africa for many years before returning to New York. She and her husband are writing a book on African architecture. If you are interested, you can pre-purchase the book to facilitate its publication.

The Fulbright grant came with a book allowance. We brought about a dozen textbooks on energy and environmental issues which we donated to the Kenyatta University Library. The KU newsletter has a picture of us (on page 7, also below).

I ran into a new Grand Valley State University alumna at Nairobi National Park. I was surveying visitors on how the landscape around the park (including Kenya’s only wind farm) affects the visitor experience. I was wearing my GVSU name tag and one of the visitors asked “Are you really from GVSU? I just graduated two weeks ago!” Her name is Katie Hekstra and she was in Nairobi visiting her boyfriend. Talk about a small world. Below is a picture of me and Katie.

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