Our sabbatical year in Kenya


Kenyatta University is located just outside Nairobi.

The Nordmans will spend the 2012-2013 school year in Kenya!

My Fulbright proposal to teach and do research on wind energy at Kenyatta University was accepted. I’ll be teaching classes in Kenyatta’s Dept. of Environmental Studies and Community Development and possibly a seminar in wind energy in the Dept. of Energy Engineering.

Jen has applied for a leave of absence from her job at Spring Lake Public Schools, which looks promising. The kids will enroll in an international school near the university, but we are still working out the details. We’ve requested to live in the on-campus guest housing at the university.

It looks like we’ll be traveling in mid-August 2012 and will return in mid-July 2013. We are all very excited about this opportunity to visit a new part of the world, work with the students and professors at Kenyatta, and learn all about this amazing country.

We’ve set up this blog to share our experiences and adventures in Kenya. Check in from time to time for stories, pictures, and more.

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