Our house in Kenya

We have arrived in Nairobi and are getting settled in our house on the campus of Kenyatta University. The campus was originally built by the British as army barracks. What now serve as faculty and staff homes were originally senior officer housing. When Kenya gained independence in 1963, the barracks were transferred to the Kenyan government and later became Kenyatta University.

Our living room has French doors which open on to the back yard. Like most buildings here, our house has an open, airy feel. The windows and doors are kept open during the day to let in the fresh air (no mosquitoes during the day). The kitchen is pretty basic – new refrigerator, gas/electric stove, and an electric water heater for making tea. We haven’t figured out how the hot water works (or if it works at all), so we’ve had invigorating cold showers since we arrived (the water really isn’t that cold).

KenGen, the power company, has been doing some maintenance on the electric lines. Our power was cut off for several hours on Saturday and our water has been on and off intermittently Saturday and Sunday. It seems to be working well – for now.

We’ve seen quite a few interesting birds in and around our house, including a brown parrot, glossy ibis, superb starling, and sparrow weavers. We saw an eagle owl last night. We also have a house gecko which comes and goes through the open windows.

Dr. Waswa, our host at the university, invited us over for tea on Sunday afternoon. We were able to meet his family and several other colleagues from Kenyatta University who live on campus. They all have children about the same age as Garrett and Linnea and they were very excited to meet the kids in the neighborhood. Everyone has been very warm and welcoming.

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