Related Wind Energy Resource Links

Resources for landowners considering wind leases

Landowner Guidelines for Evaluating Wind Energy Production Leases – Michigan State University
Leasing Your Land to a Developer
Wind Energy Lease Agreements: What Landowners Need to Know


GVSU – West Michigan Wind Assessment
Michigan’s 21st Century Energy Plan
Michigan Great Lakes Wind Council
Michigan Wind Energy Resource Zone Board
Michigan Sea Grant
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality – Coastal Management Program
Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth – Michigan Wind Energy Resource Maps
Michigan State University Land Policy Institute – Renewable Energy Program
Ottawa County, (Michigan) Model Wind Ordinance
Lawrence Technological University’s Delphi Inquiries into Wind Turbine Siting Issues
Lawrence Technological University’s Addressing Wind Turbine Noise

Other States

Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources – Renewable Energy Programs
University of Delaware – Offshore Wind Power

Federal and National

American Wind Energy Association
U.S. Department of the Interior’s – Offshore Energy & Minerals Management/Renewable Energy
U.S. Department of Energy’s – Wind Powering America Site
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory – Dynamic Maps, GIS Data, & Analysis Tools – Wind Maps
Wind Energy Atlas of the United States
A Wind Energy Primer for Kids – DOE’s Energy Information Administration
The Acoustic Ecology Institute’s – Wind Farm Noise: 2009 in Review


The Potential Health Impact of Wind Turbines  (May, 2010) – Chief Medical Officer of Health Report – Ontario, Canada 

Documentary – Offshore Wind Energy in West Michigan

A video series aimed at documenting challenges associated with offshore wind energy in West Michigan.

This section explores the attitude surrounding the policy aspect of offshore wind development.

This section explores the attitude surrounding the environmental aspect of offshore wind development.

This section explores the attitude surrounding the social aspect of offshore wind development.