Geographic Information Systems

Decision-making… made spatial

Whether it’s a natural resource or a client base – the foundation of your business is spread out over a landscape. Nordman Sustainability Solutions can help you understand the spatial distribution of your essential business assets. We can help you find the most suitable locations for your renewable energy project, plan the most efficient distribution routes, identify the best locations to expand your business.

Nordman Sustainability Solutions provides custom spatial solutions using geographic information systems (GIS) software. From spatial data collection to analysis to mapping, Nordman Sustainability Solutions can help you make the most of your business opportunities.


Data collection and management

We use the latest tools and techniques, from GPS to geodatabases, to help you maximize the potential of your business’s location.

Aerial photos and imagery

Aerial photography and high-resolution satellite imagery can give you a unique perspective on your business landscape. Nordman Sustainability Solutions can access a vast library of photographs or coordinate custom data collection from airborne or satellite platforms to support your project.

Spatial analysis

Nordman Sustainability Solutions’ spatial analytical services include watershed delineation, efficient route planning, suitability modeling, viewshed analysis, 3-D fly-though animations, and more.

Spotlight: Wind resource mapping in Kenya

A sustainable financing consultant was investigating wind energy project opportunities in Kenya. The company turned to Nordman Sustainability Solutions to identify the most suitable wind energy regions based on wind speeds, and environmental and social constrains such as nature reserves and proximity to airports. Click on the map below for an example of our work in spatial analysis.

View a PDF sample of our GIS Service