Energy Consulting

Energy options for a low-carbon future

Renewable, sustainable energy is critical to 21st century success. Nordman Sustainability Solutions offers clients expert advice on how to integrate renewable energy into their business or home sustainability plans.


Feasibility studies

Nordman Sustainability Solutions provides credible, objective third party assessments of renewable energy projects. Assessments include:

  • technical potential;
  • economic feasibility;
  • environmental impact;
  • public acceptance.

Spatial analysis

Nordman Sustainability Solutions integrates spatial analysis into every aspect of renewable energy project planning.

Grant writing

Nordman Sustainability Solutions has an excellent track record of writing high-quality grant applications and obtaining funding.

Spotlight: West Michigan Wind Assessment

Erik Nordman, Ph.D. founded Nordman Sustainability Solutions and is an assistant professor of natural resources management at Grand Valley State University. In his capacity as a professor, Dr. Nordman was awarded a $137,000 grant from Michigan Sea Grant to analyze the benefits and challenges of utility-scale wind energy development in coastal West Michigan.

The project, called the West Michigan Wind Assessment, integrated economic, social, and environmental dimensions and provided regional decision-makers and residents with a credible, objective assessment of wind energy’s potential. Dr. Nordman and his collaborators wrote a number of issue briefs on key wind energy topics, ranging from global trends to regional economic development, as well as a series of videos. The issue briefs and videos are available at the link below.
Selected Works of Erik Nordman