Our Services

Nordman Sustainability Solutions provides comprehensive assessments of sustainability initiatives, including the environmental, economic, and social dimensions. NSS specializes in analysis for utility-scale wind energy development, Nordman Sustainability Solutions has the local knowledge and social networks to provide objective analysis that will satisfy businesses, such as wind developers, and target communities.

Nordman Sustainability Solutions is a Michigan-based company that offers its services to wind and biomass energy developers, local and state governments, and other organizations interested in sustainability and wind energy development.

The main areas of consulting services that Nordman Sustainability Solutions will provide include:

The State of Michigan, by passing Public Act 295, requires all electric providers to generate ten-percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2015. This will require the development of approximately 30 additional utility-scale wind farms in the next five years. Additional targets at the state and federal level may be forthcoming. There is considerable momentum in wind energy development in the Great Lakes Region, yet communities still lack knowledge about the local effects of specific projects.