Our neighbor is an Olympian!

Our next door neighbor is Mike Boit, bronze medalist in the 800 meters at the 1972 Olympics. You might remember that race which was won by Dave Wottle, American (and Bowling Green alumnus), who famously wore a white ball cap during the race and finished with an amazing last-to-first kick.

Dr. Boit is now a professor of Exercise Science at Kenyatta. He even has his own Wikipedia page – it’s very impressive.


We had no idea who our neighbors were and only met Dr. Boit’s wife this morning. Jen went to the market this morning with his wife and another neighbor. Their conversation went like this:

Mrs. Boit: I saw your husband out running the other day. He might like like to meet my husband.
Jen: Oh, is he a runner too?
Mrs. Boit: Yes, he won the bronze medal in the 800 m at the 1972 Olympics.
Jen: [stunned silence, mouth gaping]

I can’t wait to meet this man in person.

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