Got (Camel) Milk?

We went shopping today at Nakumatt, the Kenyan equivalent of Walmart. While loading up on staples, cleaning supplies, and an iron, the kids found something interesting in the dairy section: camel milk. We had to try it.

Why would you drink camel milk, you ask? According to the bottle, pasteurized camel milk has “beneficial effects on diabetes, tuberculosis, heart disease, and stomach ulcers.” That’s why.

The camel milk looked like milk, smelled like milk, and tasted like milk – at least until the end when a note of gaminess crept in reminding you that this is no ordinary dairy product. Linnea didn’t think it was too bad. Maybe we’ll try it in cereal or coffee tomorrow morning.

In a survey of six neighborhood children, zero had ever consumed camel milk. This is clearly not a staple of the Kenyan diet, so please don’t get the wrong impression.

This begs the question “How do you milk a camel?”

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